We're Katie and Mitch Taylor, owners of Taylor Physical Therapy & Wellness in North Carolina. Our business journey began with a belief that we could offer holistic care and better outcomes to our patients. Despite the challenges of starting a business from scratch, in a new city, and amidst a global pandemic, our small practice has blossomed. In just three years we are now a multi-clinician cash practice with multiple disciplines in a space that we own. Beyond the thriving business we offer a nurturing space for our community through workshops, education classes, and networking with other local businesses.

As our practice flourished, we found ourselves naturally evolving into roles beyond healthcare providers. We became mentors to other business owners, sharing the lessons learned, the hurdles overcome, and the strategies that were pivotal in our journey.

Realizing the impact we were having and our genuine desire to support fellow wellness business owners led to the creation of Taylor Wellness Education.

Join us at Taylor Wellness Education, where we're dedicated to transforming passion into prosperity, guiding you through every step of your business journey with real-world insights and strategies that work.

Katie & Mitch

Our Programs

One-on-One Coaching

Grow your business and financial acumen our premier one-on-one coaching program. Tailored to your unique goals, our personalized sessions provide you with the expert guidance, actionable strategies, and support needed to navigate the complexities of the running your business. Whether you're looking to refine your business model, enhance financial literacy, or achieve specific milestones, our dedicated coaching will empower you to unlock your full potential and drive meaningful success.

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On-Demand Education

Dive into the world of business and financial mastery with Taylor Wellness Education's specially curated online courses, crafted for the busy wellness entrepreneur.  From the essential foundations to  more complex strategies, we provide the knowledge and tools you need to succeed. Whether you're just starting out or looking to enhance your current skill set, our courses will help unlock the potential for a thriving future in wellness entrepreneurship.

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Take your wellness business to the next level with our intuitive Leads Dashboard and Clinic Management System. Effortlessly track lead status, conversion rate, category, and lead source to maximize your conversion rate. Track the average number of visits per patient, the evaluation rate, utilization, forfeit rate, cancel rate and more. These powerful tools enable you to keep a real-time pulse on your business so that you can focus more on delivering exceptional service.

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Not sure which tool is right for your business?

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What Our Clients Are Saying

"It's a simple and effective way to track important information for our clinic. Saves us time and keeps us organized!"

"They are easy to use and track. We love the 'dashboard' feature with all of the charts and features in both the patient dashboard and the leads dashboard. The leads log is easy to manage and keep track of."

"The automation of metrics, weekly, monthly, quarterly. The ability to have a more organized way to track with color coding, labeling, which is so much more advanced than my original Google sheet."

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